Monday, January 17, 2005

Wine Review: Castoro Sangiovese 2000

Wine Review: Sangiovese: 2000 Castoro Cellars Reserve, Paso Robles, CA. [My Rating, 8] This is very nice. We enjoyed it a lot. It was very pleasant. Their second release of Sangiovese, "the grapes of this vintage were perfectly ripend and produced a very rich wine. Reportedly, this is outstanding. Aromas of allspice, cinnamon and vanilla from the oak, coupled with rich, ripe fruit nuances of plums and dried apricots" Recommended with pasta with red sauce and cheese. Recieved 1/20/2003 in wine club.

Thursday, January 13, 2005

BART, Jan. 12, 2005

BART train

I think, with all of the talk about extending BART to San Jose International airport they are missing the easiest, most efficient and most important improvement they could make to BART. In my opinion that would be to improve accessibility of BART to south bay commuters by moving it closer to Interstate 680 and offerring adequate parking.

As it now it is frustratingly slow to drive to BART from San Jose with much of the commute over city streets.

Now, if you arrive at the station after 8:30am there is a good chance you will find the Fremont parking lot full.

This is what I did when I attended MacWorld yesterday. It was very frustrating. I was attending a user group meeting that evening so I could not take Caltrain. I think a big dig into and through San Jose would be a waste of taxpayers money. But, an extension into Warm Springs or, even better, near the great mall, with a light rail connection and a large parking structure would be a sound investment.

Sunday, January 02, 2005

Book Review: Breaking the Limit

Larsen, Karen (2004). Breaking the Limit. New York: Hyperion. (ISBN 9-7868-6870-8)

[My Rating, 9] If you liked Robyn Davidson's book, Tracks, you will like this book. In my opinion this is a great adventure book, a great feminists book and a great travel book. It is about one woman's two-wheeled trip from New Jersey to California to Alaska and return on a motorcycle. One her journey she met fellow travelers (including bicyclists), local folks and her birth family. Larsen is an excellent writer and her trip, like all good journeys, led her to a lot of self-revelations. If you can't make the journey yourself you should at least read the book. It is a great trip!